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While Europe is struggling thinking about what to do agains the energy crisis, people receive energy bills that seems to be out of control.

Renewables are great and I do hope in the coming future more and more energy will be produced with them, but problem is now and we need a workable solution in the short term.

Question is clear: is Europe able to put a limit on energy costs?


I'm based in Europe and I've got some domains with a US registar (one of the cheapest on the market).

Actually the EUR is very weak against the USD and the result is there is an increase in my domain renewal costs.

It's not a registar problem, just an exchange rate issue.

Not so good.


While there are some interesting applications for the metaverse (e.g. remote working), there are also a lot of risks related to this possible future web development.

Many companies including META are investing a lot of money to bring metaverse into reality. Reason is simple: metaverse is a kind of Second Life (do you remember it?) with steroids.

A virtual world packed with crypto wallets that will let you buy and sell virtual things and that allows big tech companies to take a step further on targeting ads to you.

I do hope to be wrong, but that's the kind of web we might see in the future.

I grew up using a 56k modem for connecting to the web and I published my first website more than 20 years ago on Geocities. That said I'm online since a very long time, enough to see the web transforming from a semi-anonymous place to a big online shop where the user is the product.

Oh damn... How could it be possible? 😕

There are several reasons that make blogging a good choice still Today.

Let's focus on three of them.

1. You can control everything

Colours? Themes? No problem, you can decide everything with no constraints.

2. Indipendence

If you are self hosting your blog then you're the boss. If you don't want to self host your blog a good solution may be a platform like Write.as / Writefreely that offers you a great way to blog without getting crazy.

3. Your data is yours

Make sure to do regular backups of your blog in order to avoid any problem in case of hacking or update failures. Future migration to other blogging platforms it's your choice.

Next week (25 September 2022) there will be general elections here in Italy.

Competition is getting harsh among parties.

Polls are not permitted in these days, but probably the winner will be Giorgia Meloni and her party Brothers of Italy which is a national-conservative and right-wing populist political party.

Abstension from voting could be around 40%, a really bad thing for our democracy.

I have no excuses now, this is a new safe place for my tiny notes.

A brand new micro blog where I can share some random musings in English.